Best Snake Boot Reviews in 2024: Top 6 Models

Best Snake Boot

When you hunt turkeys in creek bottoms or at the edge of overgrown fields, the best snake boot can reassure you that your feet and legs will remain secure from snake bites.

Also, when you attempt to slip in on a roosted tom in the dark, you’re still out of danger, even if you step on a snake. You can use snake boots even if it is not spring turkey season. If you are a forester, you can also use snake boots all day.

The best snake boot should adapt to those applications and defend you from snake bites, whether hunting, scouting, or working. Here are the best snake boots reviews. Anyway, be sure we’ve included only the best and most reliable boots on our list.

Top 6 Best Snake Boots

1. Chippewa Snake Boot Pull On 25110

Snake Boot

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If you long for hunting in style, this snake boot from Chippewa might become one to pick. These classy boots will assure you to stand out from the rest. When it comes to durability, other models in this price range can’t make Chippewa boots defeated.

The outer soles consist of Vibram. The Vibram brand is an Italian company representing quality and has been manufacturing quality rubber outsoles since 1937. At the back, Chippewa makes it pull-on with a zipper.

Each boot brings an adjustable strap to ensure a better fit. Also, Chippewa uses super comfortable orthopedic insoles, confirming that you’ll not become tired quickly. Moreover, you can remove or replace their floors if you intend.


  • Mixed-media tall boot with a breathable leather foot.
  • Pull-on styling with topline gusset.
  • Buckle strap accents.
  • Removable insole.
  • Chip-A-Tex waterproof membrane.

2. Irish Setter Snake Boot Vaprtrek

Snake Boots

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These hunting boots confirm you’ll stay safe from snakes, thorns, and other dangerous elements you might face outdoors.

This Vaprtrek Snake Boot comprises leather, rubber, and a synthetic ingredient named RPM. Honestly, this combination makes it lightweight and still lets it be durable.

This model is combined with its athletic sole, allowing this snake-proof boot to step easily. Further, it aids you in covering long distances without tiring.

Also, these boots remain breathable, meaning your feet will stay well-ventilated. Their shafts are 17 inches, which is helpful to keep your lower legs well protected.

Of course, you’ll love these boots because they’ll seem light, comfortable, and simple to go around in the woods with them.


  • Full-grain waterproof leather.
  • Mossy Oak Obsession Camo.
  • The BOA fit system.
  • SnakeGuard protection.

3. Rocky Men’s Snake Hunting Boot


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Rocky Lynx Hunting Boots are perfect for hiking. They are not only durable but also comfortable to wear. Rocky uses the ‘ProLight BioMech’ outsole design, implying you can walk quickly on any terrain.

Applaud for the laces, which rise from the ankle to the knee. These Snake Hunting Boots will suit you safely. While their shafts might not remain high like others, the shift is still 15 inches from the arch.

This product from Rocky consists of quality waterproofing materials so that your feet can stay dry in wet conditions. Also, it has a side zipper to ensure easy on and off. Concerning comfort, you will get a cushioned footbed.


  • Lace-up hunting boot featuring D-ring hardware.
  • Aggressive all-terrain Lynx outsole.
  • Thick and comfortable EVA midsole.
  • Reinforced toe and heel cap.
  • Highest level of waterproof protection.

4. Thorogood Side-Zip Snake Boots For Men


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These boots from Thorogood become well suited for snake protection, resulting in ideal boots for snake hunters. Also, the company incorporates SnakeGuard Extreme components on these boots to turn them entirely snake-proof.

Apart from safety, these characterize a rugged lug, slip-resistant rubber outsole, and gripping pad. As a result, you can enjoy maximum traction while stepping over the challenging surface and through the brush.

The construction structure with waterproof properties and rubber sole make it durable for lasting. Besides, you’ll find a larger boot opening, making the boot easy on and off.

If you include these boots in your collection, it will not be the wrong option for you. The reason is that Thorogood inserts all features to make it an ideal snake boot.


  • Z-Track traction outsole.
  • Snake guard material.
  • Dual-density comfortable footbed.
  • Side-zipper Waterproof Snake Boot.

5. Lacrosse Men’s AeroHead Sport Snake Boot


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Lacrosse Men’s Arrowhead Snake Boots are versatile enough to hunt and daily wear. Indeed, this AeroHead is lovely for use in snake regions where venomous snakes sometimes are seen.

Lacrosse has produced these boots with the climate in mind. The brand uses durable and waterproof Dry-Core lining, providing 360° protection against snake bites.

These boots insert the new camo pattern that contributes to blending in naturally while hunting. Consequently, you can retain close range, but your prey will not feel disturbed.

This model has a jersey knit liner to dry your feet quickly and wick moisture. Also, it contains an abrasion-resistant shin guard. The welted construction allows for more long-lasting performance.


  • Patented AeroForm technology.
  • A unique combination of spandex and Lycra.
  • Quick drying and moisture wicking.
  • Designed for optimal fit and flexibility.

6. Danner San Angelo Snake Boot


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This snake boot from Danner delivers safety against both snakes and briar patches with full-grain leather and rugged abrasion-resistant nylon uppers.

The Danner San Angelo becomes a fantastic choice for those who prefer leather slip-on boots for everyday work to safeguard their feet. Similar to most leather boots, these snake boots take a break-in period, but it’s minimal.

Many wear snake boots while working on terrains with a dense brush for protection from thorns or briars. Some ingredients crumble after several trips through a briar patch or thick yaupon, but San Angelo’s abrasion-resistant uppers can withstand abuse. Even these become cozy enough to put on around the yard.

Danner puts stitch-down construction to ensure strength and stability. Moreover, these Hunting Snake Boots also come with Danner San Angelo PU outsole with low lugs to increase surface contact, comfort, and durability.


  • Height: 17 inches.
  • Weight: 4 pounds.
  • Adjustable gusset.
  • Abrasion-resistant uppers.

Things to consider for buying the best snake boot

All snake boots meet the same target, but the boot types you require rely on how many KMs you want to wear, the year time, and whether you hunt or work in them.

It does not matter what you intend to do because many options are available for each category.

Terrain and Habitat

If you stay on constantly moist ground, the best solution is likely the rubber boot. Also, a lace-up boot will aid you in navigating uneven terrain like steep, rocky terrain.

However, we suggest a pair of durable leather boots with a set of snake gaiters where the fire absence has made thick underbrush in pine or hardwood stands. In these habitat types where briar or other invasive plants are provided, abrasion-resistant boots are significant to the life of your snake’s boots.


Insulation does not become a prime concern since you work with snakes and warm temperatures. But when you long for a warm boot for your turkey season opener and snake safety for warmer temperatures, you might take a boot containing much insulation, like something in the 800g range. Otherwise, you might pick a boot with less insulation and attach it with the best hunting socks.

However, if you long for a snake boot you’ll be capable of wearing for summer scouting, foraging, etc., you will require the insulation if you don’t expect to sweat through your socks or develop blisters.


Think of your actions so you don’t end up frustrating an otherwise better boot, used out of its capabilities. Indeed, the number of miles you wear your snake boots will clarify the comfort level.

Many foresters reside in the forest year-round and move around 10 miles a day. Their approach to protecting themselves at work is separate from other things like scouting for deer, summer mushroom foraging, or turkey hunting.

Many usually are on dry ground when they work out, and for the miles, they’re walking, they typically like light, comfortable options. It might be contextual to extensive scouting trips.

But when many gather summer mushrooms, often getting their feet wet and requiring less walking during the work day, they need a pair of rubber boots to keep their feet dry. The same applies to turkey hunting or whitetails early in the archery season.


Q: Can rubber boots prevent snake bites?

Whether a rubber boot can prevent a snake bite relies on several factors. At first, venomous snakes’ fangs’ lengths may differ between species. Although it’s unlikely that a coral snake could break through your average rubber boot, it’s not impossible that a lot of rattlesnake species could. But it is where the ingredient plays a role.

Most soft rubber gardening boots are capable of offering minimal safety in terms of a rattlesnake bite. A simple, all-purpose, work-type durable rubber boot with a solid outer shell might protect you compared to garden boots. Yet, using specially designed boots is the best to resist snake bites.

Q: Can Muck Boots Resist Snake Bites?

We’d not believe the thin neoprene of a typical muck boot to resist snake bites if you live in a terrain with plenty of venomous snakes. It may be possible to protect you against some species with shorter fang lengths, yet we can’t take any risk. If you expect complete assurance of snake safety, you require a snake boot.

Q: Do cowboy boots remain snake-proof?

Once again, it also relies on a few factors. But briefly, no, a cowboy boot is not snake-resistant. Several things that appear to mind are the species of snake, the thickness of the skin, the location of the bite, and the height of the top.

Like other boots, most cowboy boots do not rise tall enough to protect you from snake bites. The leather thickness remains thin compared to boots rated for snakes.

Last thoughts

Snakes don’t think of calendars and can bite at any time. However, studies have shown that most snakes refrain from biting when people simply walk past. The snakes that bit only did so after stepping on them.

Although snake bites may not be as huge a threat as we fear, having a pair of the best snake boots is never a bad idea, just in case you stay in the woods.

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