Best Lineman Boots For Pole Climbing Reviews 2024

Best Lineman Boots

When you are a lineman, you should spend some money to buy the best lineman boots for safety. The reason is that you possibly need to pass the days by ascending poles and arriving at heights that will make any ordinary person tremble with fear.

Linemen have to deal with some inherent dangers compared to those people working on the ground. To lead a life in modern society, they climb to extreme heights to supply electricity to the rest of us. So, a lineman should have the necessary equipment and footwear to play a vital role in his overall protection.

Finding the best lineman climbing boots is not always an easy task. That’s why we have presented several excellent options with some information to make your search easy for the perfect one.

Top 7 Best Lineman Boots for Sale

1. Red Wing Lineman Boots for Men


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We include these Lineman boots from Red Wing because they offer quality and added features to keep Lineman’s feet protected.

This product uses contrast stitching that has enhanced the overall quality of the boot. It has a double-layer bump toe cap to deliver more space without cramping. These boots contain a triple stitch wax thread outside of their toecap, where you will not find any loose thread.

The inside of these boots seems to be plain compared to others. However, you will see just a leather Insole, a cork on the inside, a shank, and the Outsole. You will not find quality issues. The stitching is outstanding, and the Midsoles are so.

These Red Wing tower climbing boots utilize high-quality materials to construct the boot, making it more expensive. These boots feature water-resistant uppers using S.B. tanning oil. The uppers hold perspiration and a stain-resistant feature that gives them a natural and finished appearance.

  • Cozy cork midsole
  • Incredible oil-resistant outer sole
  • Constructed using 100% leather
  • High-standard triple stitching


  • A bit pricey

2. Georgia Boot Men’s Loggers G7313 Work Boot

Best boots for Lineman

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These boots provide lovely safety in a gorgeous package. They come with 100% Leather which gives them a durable construction. These are available in different colors, making them a unique look in comparison with others.

If you think of performance and protection, Georgia Boots don’t make you frustrated. The soles crafted from thick rubber offer long footsteps for good traction. These boots add a higher heel to allow you to climb comfortably. The whole boot has a waterproof feature.

The uppers raise about eight inches from the shaft which gives you more safety from anatomical harm to your leg. You will get a good grip from these Georgia Boots whether you climb poles or walk on any surface.

This logger boot consists of steel toes, which protect your toes and deliver adequate support. The rubber sole alleviates the pressure on your feet. It adds a soft footbed to make your walk or stand comfier.

  • Abrasion-resistant rubber outsole
  • Protective steel toe
  • comfortable and a snug fit
  • Quality build with waterproof


  • There is no insulation

3. La Sportiva Men’s Makalu Mountaineering Boot


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These boots from La Sportiva are constructed for climbing. They come with a thick synthetic sole. The step design on the sole becomes suitable enough to ascend poles.

La Sportiva Men’s Boots include lugs, which help your feet stay stable, even in the rain. The outsoles contain a tall heel with a rounded arch. They use high-quality leather to make the uppers. There is ample padding on the inside and outside of the boots.

These boots have a 3mm Idro-Perwanger leather with a rubber toe rand that makes them durable and aids in protecting all linemen. It comprises a steel shank in the sole to improve support.

The Mountaineering Boot holds an SBR midsole with a honeycomb heel grind to make the impact flexible. It gives locking D-rings to adjust the tension of the laces. The boots offer an A-Dry Best lining to move wetness away from your feet.

  • Excellent performance
  • Great value for the price
  • Defensive Vibram rubber
  • Durable and protective


  • The size may be less than expected

4. Ad Tec Men’s 9-inch Logger Boot


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You are looking for multifunctional footwear, even though you are a lineman. To meet up your purpose, the Ad Tec Men’s 9-inch Logger Boot can be fit. It is pretty attractive with versatile performance.

The highly oiled leather on the boots makes them waterproof and keeps your feet warm with comfort. It has a rubber sole that contains both durable and flexible properties. There are laces in these lineman boots to be a snug fit for your feet.

These logger and lineman boots consist of a shock-resistant outer layer and anti-slip rubber sole to deliver extra protection in the workplace. The lug sole gives you an added grip that allows you to step smoothly.

This Goodyear welt construction boot is compatible enough to withstand the elements where you work. Also, its cushioned insole provides a comfy feel. It has a Removable Orthotic PU Insole.

  • Durable construction
  • Oil-resistant and non-slip lug sole
  • Shock absorbing with good grip
  • A cushioned insole for comfort


  • No steel toe

5. Chippewa Men’s Waterproof Insulated Steel-Toe EH Logger Boot


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You want to stay safe in any weather condition about your feet. Well, you can pick these insulated work boots from Chippewa. Indeed, it comes with superior materials and craftsmanship to fit your work.

The uppers of these boots are designed with 100 percent leather. The leather ensures its durability and helps be waterproof footwear. Besides, the boot uses all reinforced and protected stitches to resist water penetration.

There is a thick synthetic sole on the bottom of the boots. You will get enhanced traction because the sole has large lugs. A thick heel with a noticeable arch drop permits you to climb up poles. The ATSM helps you avoid electrical hazards.

Chippewa Men’s Boots offers an insulated feature inside. It includes a Dri-Tex lining to wick away sweat. As a result, you can stay comfy at your workplace. It adds a steel safety toe cap that is proper for impact and compression.

  • Higher traction and durability
  • Breathable and quick-drying
  • Free from electrical hazards
  • Made in the USA


  • Users complain about being waterproof

6. Carolina Men’s 16″ Domestic Linesman Boot


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It is a real surprise to see the Carolina lineman boots. These boots offer the most features that become worthy footwear for going up the pole. Hence, you will find it among the best lineman boot lists on the market.

The Carolina Linesman Boot comprises a rubber sole to give your feet a cushion. The full-leather upper delivers the required safety by covering most of your legs. The rubber outsole is deserving enough to give you adequate flexibility and grip.

The Carolina Boot utilizes a lineman shank for extra defense for your legs while climbing. The Poron Permafresh Insole keeps your feet away from bacteria and odor. It has a leather welt construction to shape it into a robust build.

You can stay free from electrical hazards because of its shock-blocking safety feature. The boot features deep treads for providing the necessary grip and protection. We can’t think of it as the best lightweight lineman boot, but it weighs somewhat just perfect for use in various tasks.

  • Built using the best materials
  • A thick heavy-duty boot
  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Leather lined vamp


  • There’s no steel toe

7. HOFFMAN BOOTS Men’s 10″ Composite Toe Dri-Line


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The first noteworthy thing about these boots from HOFFMAN is that they come with a smooth and gorgeous look. By triple stitching from top to bottom, the manufacturer has strengthened these boots. Also, they have a side patch to manage the brunt of climbing poles.

These pole climbing boots are furnished with thick Vibram soles and aggressive tread. As a result, they become able to grip any surface and help you stay secure, even though you are on the road or the ground.

The fascinating thing is that you will get two built-in steel shanks. These lineman climbing boots with steel shanks defend your arches from ascending discomforts by providing the exact amount of support. Furthermore, it includes a water-resistant liner to prevent penetrating water into the boot.

Finally, these work boots offer composite safety toes to conduct the impact safely with electrical hazard protection. These boots are perfect enough to make your work comfortable.

  • Great climbing and arch support
  • Complete ankle, foot, and toe safety
  • Cozy and waterproof
  • Eye-catching design with durability


  • External leather needs to be cleaned often

What to consider while buying the best lineman boots

While standard work boots may seem like enough, it’s hard to have all the necessary work features that you need to stay safe. Linemen need to work in different environments. Many times, they have to face additional dangers over which they have no control.

There are a few things you should keep in mind when buying the best work boots for a lineman. These properties can create differences in climbing up the tall poles.


Good lineman boots must be water-resistant to stay safe regardless of weather conditions. If water penetrates boots, it will hamper your comfort and will be a reason for causing infections. Is it possible to concentrate on work with wet boots?

Most manufacturers allude to whether the boots remain waterproof or not. The polished surface can provide a good idea about waterproofing. Boots with polished leather and heavy-oiled materials can prevent water.

Sole, Traction, and Durability

You need to walk on different surfaces. So, the soles become a significant part of the best pole/tower climbing boots. Moreover, the other meaningful features are aggressive treading and high-quality traction.

Tread lines will make sure whether your boots are capable of gripping surfaces or not. On the other hand, traction helps ensure that your feet are in the right place. Both will keep a super contribution to your protection and enhance your confidence to accomplish the job perfectly.

Another vital feature is sole durability. It ensures how many days your boots will last and reduces your cost. Wearing boots every day and encountering rough surfaces can curtail the durability of the soles. As a result, you have to spend money to buy a new pair at regular intervals.

Ankle support

It is essential to step securely while climbing up metal towers and poles. Indeed, you never want boots to slow down your pace. So, you can stay free from the risk of injury by using long boots with full lacing and reinforced ankle support.

Safety Toe

If there are built-in safety caps in the boots, it plays a vital role for the climbing lineman. During ascent or descent, you’re not willing to think of the risk of getting your toes stuck. There’s no one to enjoy a stubbed toe. But in this situation, it can disrupt your ability to climb.

Electrical Hazards

It is always risky to work with live wires and open circuits for linemen. But, electrical hazard-free boots can be helpful to diminish the risk. So, you should use a boot that has an electrical hazard-free certificate for performing the job with comfort.


Comfort is something that everyone looks for inside everything in the end. Undoubtedly, you need to wear a boot for at least eight hours a day. Therefore, you should spend money on something that can help you stay comfortable. The more comfortable you are, the more likely you are to be safe.

Moreover, the most comfortable lineman boots can play a vital role in avoiding chronic health problems. Internal padding, excellent arch support, and a solid midsole are some striking features to see for comfort.

Over to you: Best Lineman Boots

Foot protection should be the first consideration for every lineman. The exact features of the best lineman boots allow you to climb effortlessly without compromising protection from injury. Some general properties of the best pole climbing boots are comfort, ventilation, shock-absorbing, and electrical hazard-free.

We have reviewed some of the products for your consideration in this article. Depending on your budget and needs, you can choose the right one when you think of your foot protection. Needless to say, these boots are compatible enough to use as the best tower climbing boots too.

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