Best Boot Dryer Reviews in 2024: Top 7 Models

Best Boot Dryer

Currently, advanced technologies have emerged for contemporary solutions to old problems. At one time, boot users had no option but to dry their wet boots without leaving them in front of the fireplace. Fortunately, fireplaces are no longer the initial method of boot-drying. Now, you can buy the best boot dryer to dry your wet footwear instead.

So you don’t have to wait long for your boots to dry. Also, you can depend on the auto-shut option of these dryers if you intend to run them for extended periods.

Based on portability, durability, and noise level, we have listed the top boot dryer to aid you in selecting the correct boot dryer. So continue reading our article to find the perfect one from the list below!

Top 7 Best Dryers for Boots & Shoes

1. DryGuy DX Forced Air Shoe, Garment, and Boot Dryer

Best Boot Dryers

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The DryGuy DX features a versatile boot dryer for drying gloves, work boots, and other clothing items. It inserts a fan to flow warm air through tubes in your boot. These air-inflated wet boots dry too quickly.

The DryGuy dryer incorporates four air tubes with two extended ones to dry two pairs of work boots together. It lets you utilize the dryer to dry boots up to 8 inches high.

But, by mounting these extended tubes on top of standard ones, you can dry boots up to a 16-inch height.

The DryGuy boot dryer provides a simple control panel, permitting you to turn off the heat function to dry the work boots in natural air.

Likewise, when the time is up, you may set a timer for up to three hours to switch off the dryer.

Although you can stop the heat switch, we would advise you against making so. It inflames the air to a maximum temperature of 105 degrees Fahrenheit, a safe temperature to dry most footwear and clothes.


  • Intake of an equal amount of hot air.
  • Less electricity use.
  • Too little noise.
  • Versatile use.

2. Everlasting Comfort Heavy Duty Boot Dryer

Top Boot Dryer

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If you seek a boot dryer to dry quickly, you can opt for this dryer from Everlasting Comfort. Indeed, the company has designed it to dry most footwear and clothing in 80 minutes or less.

One of the most remarkable things is it has a special ozone-generating deodorizer. This deodorizer keeps the boot warm and fresh by dispelling moisture and irritating odors.

This Heavy Duty Boot Dryer incorporates a hybrid forced air speed drying system, circulating the warm air across the footwear and clothes without damage to them.

Further, this model contains four drying tubes, which help dry multiple items simultaneously. You can also gain precise control of the drying process because it has an automatic timer that you can set for up to 180 min of continuous boot drying.


  • Dried in 80 minutes.
  • Whispering-quiet operation.
  • Versatile attachment.
  • Precise control of the drying process.

3. Manledio Portable Electric Shoe Boot Dryer

Best dryers for Boots

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The Manledio electric boot dryer is an excellent cross between a heavy-duty and portable dryer. Also, it has a unique folding design to unfold the rack to dry your belongings.

Furthermore, the folding design lets the air tubes tilt according to the boot weight you place on them. You can turn over the ports closer to the base for heavier boots so the foundation can help the ports support the weight. On the other hand, put the ports straight for light boot.

Manledio characterizes a forced boot dryer, utilizing a fan to flow hot air up to around 104 degrees Fahrenheit, safe to dry most items. It takes less than 2 hours to dry wet boots.

This dryer brings a 2-hour timer setting that users can fix at different times for different items. Its folding rack, adjustable air ports, and lightweight turn it effortlessly portable, occupying only a little space in your suitcase.


  • Time reservation function.
  • Adjustable folding port to accommodate a boot.
  • Very helpful in killing boot odor.
  • Simple to pack in your gear bag.

4. OdorStop Shoe and Boot Dryer with Deodorizer


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Keeping your footwear clean and confirming it dries rightly is the key to eliminating foot and shoe odor. Indeed, one of the best boot dryers is the OdorStop Boot and Shoe Dryer for drying your footwear entirely.

But what makes this dryer popular is that it contributes to neutralizing odors and deodorizing footwear. Besides, it slays bacteria, molds, and fungi, causing users’ feet and other ailments.

This OdorStop Boot has included a time setter to aid you in setting times as you need. Plus, it contains eight stackable ventilation tubes, so drying long shoes and boots becomes straightforward without sacrificing their sizes.

You’ll get four boot brackets and two air outlet caps to use this dryer in various ways for clothes. Moreover, there is a convenient on/off switch on the back of the unit, including a separate switch for the deodorizer.


  • Suitable for neutralizing and deodorizing footwear odor.
  • Usable in multiple ways.
  • A high-output fan.
  • The 3-year warranty.

5. DryGuy Travel Dry DX Shoe and Boot Dryer


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DryGuy has accomplished a fantastic job by producing the best portable boot dryers. This model is suitable enough to be a travel dryer. Surprisingly, it is too simple to use. Only plug it in and then put your boot inside it.

This portable dryer incorporates a fan, making it a must-have boot dryer. It inflames the air to a safe temperature of 99 degrees Fahrenheit. Further, the fan has a silent feature, which will not disturb you.

The travel dryer offers an impressive dry time. Wet boots need 2 to 5 hours to dry completely. That way, you may heat boots on the way to the mountains and desiccate them while backing home.

This Shoe Dryer characterizes energy efficiency as well. It only costs a few pennies to desiccate a pair of wet boots. The provided AC/DC adapter lets you utilize the dryer at home and in the car.


  • Suitable to use at home and outside.
  • AC/DC power adaptor.
  • Very low noise.
  • Hybrid forced air and convection system.

6. KOODER Portable Work Boots Dryer


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In the case of looking for the best portable boot dryer, Kooder is a fantastic choice, no doubt. If the types of footwear are not of particular materials like velvet, you can dry them using this Kooder dryer.

This carriable dryer has a PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient) heater. In truth, this heater type shuts down power consumption whenever it arrives at its intended temperature.

Hot air goes throughout the boot through cleverly arranged air holes. Furthermore, it brings an adjustable length to customize according to your footwear’s size.

You won’t find any complex control panel on the dryer. Indeed, it inserts a simple plug-and-play setup. Switch on the device, place the boot inside it overnight, and you will have a dry pair the next day.

The transportability of Kooder does not compromise its durability. Plus, the associated cords remain robust enough to endure a pulling weight of up to 20kg.


  • Heat-resistant tough surface.
  • High-quality cables.
  • PTC heat generator.
  • Precise temperature control.

7. JobSite Electric Boot Dryer – Ultra Silent


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The Jobsite Dryer features a bulky-duty product, perfect for desiccating bulky damp footwear such as ski or hiking boots. Also, potent shrunk plastic tubes won’t curve or break with wet boots overnight.

The Jobsite dryer contains two standard ports and two extenders, with a 21-inch total height for each port. Besides, the dryer base remains too spacious, preventing the dryer from tipping over while placing bulky boots in the port.

This electric boot dryer takes a reasonable time to dry footwear. It takes 30 minutes to warm up a pair, 8 hours for damp boots, and overnight for wet boots.

Although this boot dryer is a convection dryer, it has no moving parts installed. Therefore, the device does not require regular maintenance, making it a lifetime purchase.


  • Warm thermal air.
  • Multiple purposes.
  • Silent drying.
  • The LED switch.

What to look for while picking the best boot dryer

Knowing a few things is crucial before shopping for the best boot dryer. In the following section, we are about to talk about the outline of the subtle points to remember while buying the best boot dryer.

Type of Dryer

There are various types of boot dryers. A few act fast compared to others. On the other hand, slower ones provide more transportability. Indeed, understanding the difference is very crucial.

  • Convection and forced hot air boot dryers: These are the most general so far. You will find vertical tubes and put your boots over them in those models. Convection dryers receive room air, warm it, eliminate wetness, and let it go into the boot. On the contrary, forced hot air plays the same role and uses a fan that flows air through the boot.
  • Positive Temperature Coefficient Dryers: These adapt inside your boots (even despite being on a shoe rack) and warm up from the inside. They contain temperature controls and protect them from overheating, but they are too slow. Anyway, these are slightly portable compared to hot-air dryers.
  • UV-based dryers: These dryer types apply ultraviolet light to dry and slay bacteria to resist nasty odors.
  • Silica gel-based products and propane-operated dryers: These types are pretty slow. But their ease of transportability and use has turned them appealing for camping and adventuring.

Heat settings

Pumping hot air into a pair of expensive leather boots can strip the oil out, resulting in shrinking and cracking from the leather. Although re-oiling and cleaning them can restore some of their looks, using heat in the first place is not the better option.

Choosing between drying with or without heat is another option for another boot dryer. You can apply these options from drying heavy-duty winter boots with heat to permitting your expensive dress boots to desiccate more naturally with the flip of a switch and retain their oil and shape.

You will likely get happy with a permanently heated boot dryer if you don’t have expensive leather boots. Still, you might think of a dryer with the heat off if you own a few beautiful pairs that occasionally see a puddle or two.


Several boot dryers have only the capability of managing one pair at a time. But you will find a lot of dryers that can dry two pairs of boots together.

Although the conspicuous use is to desiccate two pairs, you may also desiccate boot gloves and inserts. So think about how conducive it might be to desiccate multiple items at once.

Port height

While buying the best boot dryer, you should think about port height unless you have considered it. Rightly, most boot types will adapt to any standard tube in a dryer, but tall boots like rain boots and rubber hunting boots can need a long port to let the dryer operate as adeptly as possible.

Happily, there are several models of tube extensions to let you enlarge your vertical tubes up to 16 inches. These tube types deliver a lot of height for rubber ranch and hunting boots.

Time of Drying

Another crucial thing you should consider while buying dryers is the drying time. Although the drying time depends too much on how damp your footwear gets, deciding to buy the correct model will become simple if you know how long your boot takes to dry.

Silica gel and positive temperature coefficient models remain slower, and wet footwear can need eight to 12 hours to dry. On the other hand, some forced hot air dryers can take under three hours. A lot has to do with the dryer’s power output and efficiency, as well as how long it will run before your shoes are ready.

Drip tray

It is less of a feature and more of a piece of suggestion. Ensure you utilize a drip tray underneath your boot dryer. Several models bring a built-in drip tray, but you might buy one.

Indeed, a drip tray can contribute a fantastic way to protect your floors and reduce the wet, muddy mess you get as your boots dry.

Articulating Tubes

Packing several bulky boots in a boot dryer might impact how they fit in the tubes. These can clog the intake fan and cause the boot dryer to operate less efficiently. If you find a model with articulating Tubes, you may overlook it altogether.

Without impacting the dryer’s performance, placing your boots on their side in the dryer is possible with an articulating tube. These tubes let the footwear fit so it desiccates as adeptly as possible while keeping room for another pair of boots without clogging the fan.

Additional Features

While buying the best boot dryer, a few additional features are available that you can consider. Timer models let you set the dryer ahead of time and forget it is on. These time-controlled models might become effective in terms of drying overnight or swapping boots and keeping them for the day.

Several models contain even additional attachments you can shop for your dryer. These attachments let dry air go to the edges of these hard-to-dry items and aid them in retaining their shape – crucial for expensive leather gloves.

You can even get an attachment, including a deodorizer. A few of these come with in-line installation on the tube and combat odors while drying.


Q: How long does a boot dryer require to dry boots?

It relies on several factors, including the dryer type you buy and how damp the boot is. Generally, a standard boot dryer can desiccate a wet boot in eight hours.

Q: How can I utilize a shoe and boot dryer?

Most dryers apply electricity to heat the air inside the boot. You need to plug in the dryer and implant the boot over the tube.

If the dryer features a positive temperature coefficient model, you plug it in and slide the heaters into your boot. The boot dryer will accomplish the rest.

Q: Can a boot dryer kill bacteria?

Sure, by generating a dry, warm condition. Indeed, a boot dryer aids in reducing the bacteria amount inside boots.

Q: How can I maintain a boot dryer?

In truth, a boot dryer does not need much upkeep. Erase surfaces using a household cleaning wipe. Besides, if the machine contains a fan or air intake, clean it to ensure it’s working as effectively as possible.

Q: Does a boot dryer catch fire?

Any electrical apparatus tends to catch fire. But, the best boot dryers come with built-in temperature controls, which don’t let the dryer surpass a specific temperature (generally around 105 degrees Fahrenheit).

Final Verdict

Hopefully, after reading this article, choosing the best boot dryer for you will become as simple as picking a cake. The products we have listed above have standard qualities.

Before ending the article, we recommend keeping two pairs of work boots and using them on alternate days. The reason is that it’ll allow enough time for each pair of boots to dry completely.

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