Best Shoe Polish Reviews in 2023: Top 7 Models

Best Shoe Polish

Requiring daily upkeep is essential for leather shoes to keep up their luster. If you want to retain them from wearing out and losing their glaze, you need the best shoe polish for a mirror-like sheen.

A perfect shoe polish resists your leather shoes from losing their boast as the days go. Because of regular use, they might look shabby as the oil desiccates up.

However, with proper care, you may restock their shimmer, which incorporates using shoe polish. Polishing shoes frequently can prolong their life and maintain the leather quality.

It can be challenging to choose the best shoe polish from so many options available, so take a look at our list to pick the right one.

Top 7 Best Boot and Shoe Polishes

Product Name Price
1. RED MOOSE Premium Cream Boot and Shoe Polish Check Price
2. Tarrago Professional Shoe Polish Check Price
3. Saphir Medaille d’Or Pommadier Boot Polish Check Price
4. Moneysworth Leather Shoe Polish Check Price
5. Kiwi Black Shoe Polish Check Price
6. Meltonian Cream Shoe Polish Check Price
7. Lincoln Stain Wax Shoe Polish Check Price

1. RED MOOSE Premium Cream Boot and Shoe Polish

Best Shoe Polishes

Red Moose Shoe Cream Polish revives dull and scratched boots, shoes, purses, and accessories. A little bit of this cream transfigures your well-shabby leather goods into an almost new appearance. It becomes safer to utilize, even on pricey shoes.

Decent users will prefer the consistency of this cream polish because it is beautiful and thick. Also, it becomes simple to use without being a mess. This unparalleled formula is built with natural oils, waxes, and pigments.

Moreover, this polish aids the color of your fine leather boots and shoes in restoring, preserving, and protecting. It also seems to be water-resistant to us.

A small amount of cream polish is all you need to bring your leather shoes and boots to life. One of the most notable things is plenty of colors are available for your needs.


  • Cleaning, preservation, and color restoration.
  • Long-lasting results.
  • Straightforward mess-free application.
  • Made in the USA.

2. Tarrago Professional Shoe Polish

Top Shoe Polish

Tarrago, a Spanish brand, began its journey in the 1940s and became the first company to provide water-based polishes in the 1960s.

This Shoe Cream, a vegetable oil-based cream, is soft, nourishing, and has no silicones. Also, the brand provides the right amount of natural oils, waxes, and pigments to regain moisture in leather products. This product rejuvenates dry or cracked skin.

We applied Tarrago Cream Polish to a pair of gray leather sneakers, which remained awry cut. The thick cream absorbs quickly into the skin and easily covers various blemishes.

If you want a high shine for your colored shoes, the Tarrago cream polish use will be your best bet.


  • Soft and nutritious.
  • Easy to use.
  • Suitable to restore moisture in leather shoes.
  • Natural formula.

3. Saphir Medaille d’Or Pommadier Boot Polish


Saphir Medaille protects and conditions your boots. Applaud for ingredients such as carnauba wax, beeswax, and shea butter. As boots need to take much of a beating compared to shoes, they require additional water resistance.

This polish safeguards your boots from rain and snow in stern weather. Plus, it uses a high wax formula to offer extra moisturization for your well-worn boots.

This cream contains a high concentration of pigments. It has no harmful resins or silicones yet offers surprising results. Also, it is available in various colors to pick one as per your need.

A jar of this cream may seem costly, but it lasts an extended period. Its small container does not make you fool as a little of this wax polish continues for a long. A small amount of use brings maximum results.


  • Shoe and boot polish.
  • All natural.
  • Available in multi-color.
  • No harmful resin and silicones.

4. Moneysworth Leather Shoe Polish


Moneysworth is a Canadian Company supplying shoe care solutions since 1984. This company develops the highest quality shoe and leather care products with world-class reliability and dependability.

This Moneysworth polish is rich in natural waxes, oils, and pigments. It can nourish, preserve, clean, and restore color to all leather footwear and accessories like purses, belts, wallets, furniture, luggage, briefcases, and more.

This polish helps recover your shoes’ original color, texture, and shine. Also, it can cover scratches and restore moisture lost over time and keep leather soft and supple, and extend its life.

Further, this product becomes simple to use and is much less messy compared to liquid polishes. You will notice an instant result after just one application.


  • Suitable for use on sleek leather footwear and accessories.
  • Long-lasting results.
  • The instant result with use.
  • Available in over 30 colors

5. Kiwi Black Shoe Polish


The world’s best-selling classic shoe polish is the Kiwi Black Shoe Polish. This brand’s polish is perfect enough to give your leather boots a captivating shine.

The Kiwi shoe polish balanced formula sustains and protects virtually every shade of black leather shoes or boots. It overshadows blemishes, scratches, and cracks.

This model creates a mid-luster that you may utilize this polish as a light mirror shine or a standard polish. As it is concentrated, a small amount sustains for a long.

This shoe care product aids your leather footwear in nourishing. Plus, it delivers long-lasting water resistance. Many like this polish consistency, and it is not too creamy or waxy.

Above all, it becomes an excellent polish for black shoes or sleek leather boots. But remember that you should not utilize patent leather, suede, or nubuck.


  • An extra shine.
  • Price in reach.
  • Nourishing.
  • Long-lasting water protection.

6. Meltonian Cream Shoe Polish


Shoe cream polish is a significant part of ensuring how long your leather shoes and boots will last. Indeed, this Meltonian Shoe Polish will help you meet your demand.

This Meltonian Cream softens and nourishes leather shoes or boots to keep them in perfect condition. Just after a single application, you will notice the difference.

Meltonian Cream Polish contains an unparalleled dye-based formula that allows instantly restoring the original shoe colors. Enriched with high-quality wax and creamy polish is perfect for smooth leather.

This product produces a protective layer on the surface to resist harm from dirt and moisture and slides on effortlessly to provide a superior gloss and shine. Overall, it offers unmatched quality at a low price.


  • Available in multiple shades.
  • Lovely to keep leather soft.
  • Helpful to fill in cracks in leather shoes.
  • Better performance considering the price.

7. Lincoln Stain Wax Shoe Polish


If you intend to have a leather boot to look as sheeny as the military, this product from Lincoln is for you. Indeed, this high-wax polish offers better performance than others in this price range.

This shoe polish defends and keeps up your leather footwear. Applaud for the unique formula because it delivers excellent water resistance and safety.

This polish brings various colors and is easy to apply. Others contain a stiff smell, but it spreads a mild scent.

A little polish sustains the footwear’s color for a long, so stay careful and use the polish sparingly. Using light layers and gradually adding the polish is better.

This Lincoln polish features a sturdy wax, looking impeccable when used correctly. Further, it is an incredible product, making your footwear shine like a new one.


  • Made of highest grade carnauba wax.
  • Water-resistant shine.
  • Suitable for filling scuffs and scratches.
  • Bright and long-lasting color.

Main categories of the best shoe polish

Shoe Wax

Manufacturers use carnauba wax, beeswax, montan wax, or derivatives of the three to make shoe wax. It plays a significant role in leather rejuvenation. Indeed, it revitalizes colors, covers scuffs and seals, and defends leather.

If you don’t care regularly, wax is created, and the skin desiccates. So pick a wax close to the color of your footwear or find a transparent Wax.

Shoe Cream

Adding a moisturizing and nourishing layer to the leather becomes possible for shoe cream. Indeed, it can polish your shoes and increase color and shine. Like wax, it can’t contribute to color restoration, waterproofing, or covering scuffs.

Shoe Conditioner

The shoe conditioner resembles the shoe cream. It aids the leather in moisturizing and nourishing. But the only difference is that it absorbs into the leather and mildens it instead of adding a layer to the shoe.

Buyer’s Guide: The Best Shoe Polish

If you want to keep your leather goods in tip-top condition, quality cleaning and restoration are essential for products.

We’ve assembled our team of experts to deliver guidance to choosing shoe polish that will aid you in maintaining your leather goods properly. Their guidelines are below.

Leather Restoration

You want to look for the best shoe polish which restores the leather in two ways.

First, it is able to condition the leather to remain soft, flexible, and crack-free. So find ingredients to nourish and hydrate the leather, such as mink or coconut oil.

Second, the shoe polish can recapture the color of the leather. Your shoe leather can become dull or stained due to dirt, salt, and oil. High-quality shoe polish will convert cracked, faded leather into nearly new-looking shoes.

Shoe wax can’t nourish leather but can be blended with conditioners such as mink oil. The oil additives offer slight conditioning that recaptures leather and aids your shoes in lasting longer.


A shoe polish color may not coincide with your leather shoes, particularly if you wear multi-colored shoes. Picking a neutral or transparent shoe wax or cream is the safest bet. It removes the need to opt for an exact match. Neutral colors act for all shoe colors and are the most versatile choice.

Anyway, colored cream and wax work better to conceal deep cuts and scratches on your shoes. Colored creams match well for white, black, brown, and blue-colored shoes. Find a shade as close to your shoe leather as possible.

If you fail to pick between two shades of shoe polish, choose a shade slightly darker than the color of your shoes. If a polish is not found in your color or multicolor option, you won’t find it.


How long will a shoe polish keep your shoes conditioned/waterproof and look better?

From our experience, using a poor-quality polish will cause your shoes to lose moisture and become shiny quickly. Consequently, you need to reapply the cream or wax every few weeks. You will be buying more polish than a high-quality product. A high-quality polish may sustain an entire season without reapplication.

Sure, the necessary upkeep relies on how frequently you use the footwear and the weather conditions. During rainy or snowy weather, you have to apply shoe cream or wax more often. Finding a long-lasting polish is crucial to defend the shoes from water, snow, salt, etc.

Irrespective of the season, buying the highest quality shoe polish should be essential if your budget permits.

Water Resistance

During winter and spring, you require a leather shoe treatment, which offers additional waterproof safety. It defends the shoe polish from rain or snow. Besides, it resists your feet and delivers the shoe some water resistance of its own.

If you treat a shoe using a water-resistant cream or wax, rain, and snow will effortlessly glide over the leather. Alternatively, we recommend using quality waterproof shoes first.

Value for the money

Thin and weak shoe wax or cream will not last long. Sometimes you can shop for a big can of polish. But it remains so watery that it only sustains a few weeks. Buying the best quality shoe polish should be within your budget.


Q: What should I clean before polishing my shoes?

Of course, you can use a damp cloth to erase any visible dirt. If dirty or stained, you might utilize saddle soap, such as Fiebing’s, which can be used with a slightly damp leather brush.

Scour the brush in the soap until you find a light foam. Then, use it on the shoes. Erase with a dry cloth. Now you’re ready to condition the shoes, followed by shaking them.

Q: How often should I polish my shoes?

On average, you may need to polish your shoes between once a week and once a month. Indeed, it depends on how often and what conditions you wear.

Q: Should I heat the shoe polish?

It can be dangerous to use fire to heat polish. Warming the leather while polishing with a buffing or quick brushing technique is the best so that the polish is absorbed into the leather.

Final Note: The Best Shoe Polish

Finally, when you invest in standard shoes and boots, you should follow a proper shoe care routine. They are cleaning, conditioning, and regular polishing. You can keep your footwear looking like new only with regular maintenance.

We’ve compiled a list of the best shoe polish that is functional, easy to use, and versatile. So you can opt for one from the list that goes with your need.

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