Best Boot Tray Reviews in 2023: Top 7 Models

Best Boot Tray

Resisting a mess before it happens is the key to a tidy home. Without the best boot tray, there’s no longer a straightforward approach to keeping fallen leaves, mud, and snow away from your floors.

The perfect tray allows you and your family members a suitable place to stash your boots when they enter your home and makes it simple to keep dirt and debris from getting inside.

You’ll find plenty of durable, high-quality boot trays on the market, so finding one that best suits your space and needs can be difficult. See our best recommendations and then pick one for yourself.

What is a Boot Tray?

Usually, a boot tray means something where you place your footwear after coming home.

It is commonly placed at the entrance of a home or office and utilized to store items that need to be removed before going out.

Boot trays are crafted from wood, metal, or plastic and are available in various shapes and sizes.

Top 7 Best Boot Tray And Mat

Product Name Price
1. Stalwart All-Weather Boot Tray Check Price
2. Ottomanson Multipurpose All-Season Tray Check Price
3. Achla Designs Scrollwork Rubber Tray Check Price
4. Stalwart 75-ST6012 All Weather Tray Check Price
5. WirthCo 40098 Multi-Use Tray Check Price
6. Good Directions 100VB Circles Multi-Purpose Tray Check Price
7. Yaktrax All-Season Shoe & Boot Tray Check Price

1. Stalwart All-Weather Boot Tray

Best Tray for Boot

The manufacturer uses 100% recycled polypropylene plastic to make this small boot tray. It features durable enough to endure daily touch to water and dirt. Also, it is eco-friendly to defend your floor.

This narrow tray is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. You can place it in your entryway, mudroom, porch, or deck to prevent water, rain, snow, and everyday dirt from entering your home.

The sturdy plastic boot mat tray is effortlessly cleanable by using plain water. You can also use a soft cloth to care for more stubborn dirt deposits. Before later use, utilize another tender cloth to desiccate the tray thoroughly.


  • Materials: 100% Recycled Polypropylene.
  • Dimensions: 20” x 15” x 1.3”.
  • Color: Black.

2. Ottomanson Multipurpose All-Season Boot Tray

Best Trays for Boots

This tray brings a stiff black tray, keeping your home clean from everyday messes. It has a high pile pores thickness of 1.2 inches, which provides beautiful functionality for busy areas.

This Ottomanson Tray is built in China using high-quality, durable, and all-weather rubber material. Its rubber backing reduces slipping and is anti-skid. Due to the all-weather protection, you can use it in any weather condition.

The brand uses a lightweight design so users can effortlessly move it from one place to another. Further, this tray is big enough to put multiple footwear but close-fitting enough not to capture too much space.


  • Functional and waterproof all-season.
  • Size: 30 x 15 x 1.2 inches.
  • Made in China with rubber material.
  • Lightweight.

3. Achla Designs Scrollwork Rubber Boot Tray


The Achla Designs Scrollwork Rubber Tray weighs heavily compared to its look. It offers a waterproof obstacle between your floors and your wet boots, staying in place. Also, it has a 2-inch raised edge to resist any overflow risk.

Raised scroll detail delivers a slight height to aid wet footwear in drying quickly. Remember that it is a tray that won’t let your front door clear its edges.

This tray is too beautiful and durable. As it is compact, you can effortlessly place it in the back corner of the door. Although flexible rubber, it is less likely to break accidentally.


  • 2-Inch high sides.
  • Stamped rubber scrollwork.
  • Fantastic for indoor or outdoor use.
  • Easy to maintain.

4. Stalwart 75-ST6012 All Weather Boot Tray


The Large Tray by Stalwart will aid you in protecting your floors and other surfaces from water damage. The brand has applied 100% recyclable polypropylene to make this tray, withstanding daily exposure to water and dirt.

The tray has a 1.25-inch raised lip that holds messes, defends your tile, hardwood, and laminate floors from damage, and resists injuries from sliding on wet floors.

Cleaning with water and a soft cloth gets easy for this tray. You can place this tray in your entryway, inside the mudroom, or outside on your deck, porch, or patio. Also, it is usable in the car, van, or RV to defend the interior from water and dirt.


  • Large multi-purpose tray.
  • Protective raised edge.
  • Recycled materials.
  • Modern design and easy to clean.

5. WirthCo 40098 Multi-Use Boot Tray


The WirthCo 40098 Boot Tray is suitable for multi-use. The brand has used the heavy-duty polypropylene that ensures its durability and performance. It contains raised ridges so your footwear can’t sit in mud puddles.

In addition to placing wet footwear near the door, the WirthCo tray is better for pet water and food dishes. It is built to fit flush to the floor to trap water from underneath them.

The size of this tray is 15″ x 25″ x .75″. Its maintenance is not too difficult because you can clean it effortlessly by using soap and water. Overall, we think it’s not a bad investment for tray buyers.


  • Unlimited use indoors and outdoors.
  • Multi-use boot tray.
  • Raised ridges to allow for air circulation.
  • Easily cleanable with soap and water.

6. Good Directions 100VB Circles Multi-Purpose Boot Tray


It might not deliver the most stylish function, but it does not imply your tray will be annoying! The 34-inch-large, circle-spangled Good Directions Boot Tray holds your family’s footwear together and seems just as beautiful while not in use.

The Good Directions have designed it using galvanized steel, including powder coated with a copper finish. Also, it contains a raised-relief circles design, keeping airflow natural so your footwear dries quickly.

In truth, this tray becomes excellent for use as a footwear station if anyone wants to keep their floor clean and free of dirt, mud, or water. The most notable thing is that you can choose from three models other than the one we mentioned.


  • Available in different sizes, shapes, and patterns.
  • Galvanized steel to make it.
  • Six-foot pads on the bottom.
  • Dimensions: 34″ x 14″ x 2″.

7. Yaktrax All-Season Shoe & Boot Tray


Keeping wet and muddy boots from getting messy is the Yaktrax All-Season Tray’s initial function. You can put it at the front door, outside on the porch, or wherever a waterproof barrier is required for objects and floors.

This multi-purpose boot contains a 1-inch raised edge to remain floors clean, desiccated, and free of debris. You can move this lightweight, durable, and plastic tray from one place to another as needed.

You can clean it utilizing soap and water effortlessly. Its measurement is 28 x 14.25 x 1 inch, and its weight is 13.1 ounces.


  • Lightweight and durable plastic.
  • Waterproof tray.
  • 1-inch raised edge.
  • Excellent value for the money.

Types of the best Boot Tray

You’ll find many types of trays on the market. These consist of different materials and contain other purposes too.

Metal boot tray

Metal boot trays are the most general type. These are typically rectangular or square.

They are the most functional for holding wet shoes or boots and making them straightforward to clean when dry.

Galvanized boot tray

Another tray crafted from metal is those galvanized metal boot trays.

The galvanized boot tray features slim, sturdy, simple-to-use, and contains a textured top, making it simple to dry dirty shoes. Also, rolling steel handles become simple to transport on galvanized boot trays.

Plastic boot tray

The plastic boot tray is another type. This type is typically triangular or rectangular, with two small handles on either side to carry effortlessly.

Storing the boots get easy on these trays without damaging the soles or uppers. Besides, these are simple to clean compared to metal.

Wooden boot tray

Finally, a wooden boot tray is a type of tray that usually has two or more slats and is available in a standing position.

But you’ll see that some wooden trays feature a single that is placeable on the floor. These trays aid the footwear’s lifespan in extension, similar to trays crafted from metal and plastic.

Things to Consider While Choosing the Best Boot Tray

While picking a tray, keeping a few things in mind would be the best.

Size and Shape: First, consider your tray’s size and shape. Ensure it is big enough to adapt to all of your footwear. Indeed, boot trays are available in various sizes and shapes, so you should find one with your needs.

Material: Second, ponder the ingredients used to make the tray. Boot trays usually come from PVC or rubber. Pick a material that is durable and effortless to clean.

Price: Third, think about the tray price. The price range of boot trays depends on the materials used and tray size. Try to find the best deal for shopping that fits your needs.

Final Thought: Best Boot Tray

The tray becomes an excellent approach to protecting your floors and keeping your footwear clean. These are straightforward to use and maintain and are available in various styles and sizes to suit your needs.

If you search for the tray, you can pick one from the list above according to your needs.

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