Best Shoe Trees – Cedar and Wooden in 2024

Best Shoe Trees

If you wish your dress shoes to last, trying to take care of them is essential while you don’t wear them. Spending on a pair of the best shoe trees is one of the best approaches to preserving your shoes.

Shoe trees contribute to the shape retention of leather shoes to prevent them from cracking and creasing during storage. The most popular shoe trees consist of wood, such as cedar.

What are Shoe Trees?

Shoe trees are wooden inserts that you place inside your shoes to keep them in their original shape. It holds your footwear’s form even after your nine-to-five work commute or a walk in the park.

A shoe tree becomes necessary for any footwear collector’s cupboard, whether for expensive dress shoes, sneakers, or fur-lined boots. It will make them look fresh out of the box each time.

Top 7 Best Shoe Trees Reviews


Shoe Tree

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One of the highest-rated shoe trees is the Stratton Cedar Shoe Tree. It has 100% red cedar that grows in the US and resists natural odors in shoes.

This product comes with two vented slots on each toe. Also, there is an adjustable spring coil in the center of the shoe to provide mild tension inside the shoe.

This tension aids in retaining the shoe lengths so that you do not need to disintegrate them again if they remain stored for a few weeks.

The back of the shoe tree contains a grab-notch, making it straightforward and rapid to eliminate while you get prepared to put on your shoes.

It is available in various sizes to adapt to men’s shoe sizes from 7 to 16. Further, men with bigger shoe sizes will praise the xx-large size.


  • American Red Cedar Wood.
  • Adjustable design.
  • Crisp cedar aroma.
  • Long-lasting shoe trees.

2. HOUNDSBAY Shoe Tree for Men

Shoe trees

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The Houndsbay uses premium red cedar for this shoe tree. Indeed, red cedar is a high-quality wood, absorbing odors and moisture to keep your shoes dry and smelling fresh.

The split-toe design of this shoe tree lets it adapt to the width of your shoe to keep your leather crease- and curly-free. Besides, the wide hook heel conserves the shoe heel, retaining the shape of the shoe.

It gets spring-loaded with gentle pressure to fulfill without over-stretching or damaging the shoe. Moreover, this pair is crafted for the left shoe and the other for the right. The shoe tree also adjusts to men’s shoe sizes 6.5 to 15.


  • USA Grown eastern red cedar.
  • Right and left engraving.
  • Anti-odor and moisture.
  • Wide heel to stretch the back.

3. FootFitter Premium Professional 2-Way Shoe Tree


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The company has designed this shoe tree using high-quality materials. Its price is a little high, so investing in this item might seem expensive to many.

Yet, if you’ve recently shopped for a pair of pricey leather shoes, it will likely be best if you invest a little extra as insurance in the form of a shoe tree.

This model contains a 2-way design, which means it extends both the length and width of the shoe. So, this design is not a general picture of shoe trees and stretchers, especially inexpensive ones, because finding a 1-way design will be possible for you instead.

The shoe stretcher includes a wide handle that aids you in adjusting the position of the tree effortlessly and efficiently.


  • 2-way design.
  • Spot stretching plug.
  • Widening handle.
  • Compatible with both Left & Right shoes.

4. Moneysworth and Best Men’s Shoe Trees


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Now, let’s see something simple. It is not extravagant like some shoe trees and does not bring a multi-pack. But if you intend to get a single, affordable pair of cedar shoe trees, it’ll be an excellent alternative.

Considering the design, this pair is relatively standard. Indeed, it inserts a spring-loaded mechanism to preserve the shape of your shoe and a split-toe design to retain your shoe width intact.

Apart from those, the Moneysworth tree contains a hook heel used to hold the shoe or hang it somewhere when you plan to use it.

This design adjusts to all types of footwear without any problems. Maybe, it is not the most attractive of all the shoe trees on this list, but it works properly.


  • 100% aromatic American red cedar.
  • A blend of hook heel and expandable split toe.
  • Brass-plated metal hardware.
  • Ideal for all-footwear styles.

5. Cedar Space Cedar Shoe Trees for Men


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Although shoe trees can be reusable, these are only reusable on one pair of shoes at a time. So if you want to use trees with all your shoes, you have to do that in turns with each shoe.

It might become tedious, and buying another pair of shoe trees is a better idea. This Cedar Space Cedar Shoe Tree is available in two pairs of cedar shoe trees analogous to your plan.

Shoe trees feature 2-way, which means they are adjustable for the length and width of the shoe. Also, the stretcher has a distorted design, so you can effortlessly move the plant after using it.

It’s an excellent 2-pack, to begin with, so you can also shop for their 4-pack to economize some money. It offers two extra pairs, meaning you can use it in four pairs of shoes together.


  • 2-Packs / 4-Packs Cedar Wooden Shoe Trees.
  • Adapted to more shoes of different sizes.
  • Bifurcated Design.
  • Suitable for maintaining the original shape of the shoe.

6. Allen Edmonds Men’s Combination Cedar Shoe Tree


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Applaud for the split-toe design, Allen Edmonds Shoe Tree can adapt to multiple shoe widths. There is a spreader plate inside the split toe, which is adjustable to the width of your shoe.

Pick between cedar and natural wood. Both wood types imbibe odors from shoes so that they stay odor-free. By sanding the cedar slightly, you can effortlessly vitalize the scent of the shoe tree.

These Allen Edmonds Trees are available in sizes small to xx-large and sold in pairs. Get into the habit of utilizing a shoe tree to retain your shoe lives and aid in keeping your shoes in shape when you do not wear them.


  • Two-part construction.
  • Adjustable split toe design.
  • A lifetime warranty against any defects.
  • Natural odor absorbing Cedarwood.

7. Woodlore Shoe Trees for Women


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This Woodlore adjustable shoe tree for women contains a split-toe design. It will accommodate the entire range of shoe widths with a spreader plate together.

The Woodlore employs steel hardware and nylon straps to make it. Cedar extends the life of your shoes. You will find these shoe trees for men and women.

Enriched with red heartwood, known for its superior moisture absorption and aromatic oils, it helps keep your shoes dry, smell-free, and looking excellent for a long time.

When you purchase this Woodlore product, you will get a lifetime warranty against mechanical defects.


  • The best in shoe care.
  • Odor eliminator.
  • Enriched with red heartwood.
  • Nylon strap for easy removal.

Types of shoe trees

Spring Shoe Tree

Spring shoe trees likely won’t deserve as shoe trees. These items not only hold your shoes in shape but also lead to a high risk of deforming them.

The head of this shoe tree gets inserted, and the tail is inflected and clamped to the shoe heel. Since the back part is so slender rather than shaped like an ankle, it puts extra pressure on one point of the shoe and makes the shoe deviate from the regular human foot shape.

These are only mass-manufactured in one size. So the spring has to be additionally long, meaning they almost always put too much stress across the shoe if you don’t have giant-sized feet.

Full-toe Shoe Tree

Full-toe shoes contain a spring mechanism along the length of the sole, which aids in cushioning the sole and preventing some spots. The head features a simple solid block and doesn’t fulfill the foot box.

Full-size trees also remain multipurpose, incapable of accommodating a wide range of different sizes. Its generic head shape doesn’t mimic your feet well. As a result, it can’t desiccate your shoes in the ideal condition.

Combination Shoe Tree

The Combination Shoe Tree assembles split-toe and full-toe designs for a (slightly) cheaper alternative to split-toes. It can both expose the sole and expand laterally to fill the toebox.

Similar to the full-toe shoe tree, however, they use a simple head that is simple to mass-produce. So stretching can distort the front of your shoe away from the shape of your foot.

Split-toe Shoe Tree

Split-toe shoe trees mean 3-part shoe trees engineered to approximate your foot shape without using generic symmetrical heads like full-toe and combination shoe trees.

These shoe trees typically use two spring mechanisms that apply biplanar (along the shoe and across the toe box) stress, simulating the pressure your foot exerts on the top of the shoe. Spring-loaded twin tubes shove a fully engineered heel and ergonomic head to expose your sole with even, distributed stress. On the other hand, the split toe (also spring-loaded) extends the vamp of your shoe. Simultaneously, they act to hold your shoes in proper shape and resist creases without deforming your shoe shape.

Since head widths vary, split-toe shoe trees may adapt to a wide range of shoe shapes and deliver the next best fit after long-lasting shoe trees.

Lasted Shoe Tree

Lasted shoe trees mean the last copy of the shoe -the mold in which the shoe is made, which discerns the size and shape of the shoe. It means that a lasted shoe tree will adapt to your shoes perfectly, but only for the pair it was made for.

Lasted Shoe Trees can keep your shoes in their original shape except for the split-toe mechanism because all dimensions are produced to measure.

What to look for in the best shoe trees


You can find shoe trees in almost any material, from wood to plastic. But the best shoe trees consist of wood, especially cedar.

Cedar works exceptionally well not only to hold your shoes in shape but also to wick moisture away from them. As a bonus, it provides a fantastic smell.

Shoe Type

Most shoe trees fit your exact shoe size and are available in various sizes. But focus on the shape and style of your shoe.

Boots will require a boot shoe tree, for instance, that characterizes more material up to the heel. If your shoes contain pointed or almond-shaped toes, search for a product that complements the shape.


Depending on the quality of the plant and the materials used, shoes can cost a few bucks or a few hundred, as you may expect. What you spend on your shoe tree should speak to the investment you make in your shoes.

In other senses, if you intend to extend the life of a casual pair of sneakers, you don’t require an expensive cedar shoe tree to accomplish the job.


Q: What types of shoe trees are best?

Although it depends on your budget and requirements, these usually consist of wood. Cedar, especially, accomplishes fantastic work of wicking moisture out of shoes as well as retaining them smelling beautiful.

Q: Are shoe trees best for my shoes?

The trees become helpful for your shoes as they aid in wicking away moisture and maintaining their original shape. That being said, they might become a reason for damage if you fail to use them properly.

Ensure you have bought the correct pairs and abide by the manufacturer’s recommendations for use.

Q: Is a shoe tree worth it?

If you have spent on a quality pair of dress shoes or dress sneakers, shoe trees can aid you in protecting that investment by extending the life of your shoes.

If it happens, it is worth it. But less if you attempt to save on a casual shoe.

Final Note

If you opt for wood products, especially cedar, made for your shoe type, you will find dozens of high-quality shoe trees, which will aid in preserving the life of your shoes.

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