How to Remove Gum from a Shoe: 7 Ways

How to Remove Gum from a Shoe

Everyone has likely stepped through gum at some point in their life. It is no joke, especially if someone walks through with a brand-new shoe. Fortunately, you’ll find several simple ways how to remove gum from a shoe.

7 Ways on How to Remove Gum from a Shoe

We’ve put together some excellent ways for you below. So keep reading and find the one below that goes with you.

1. Freezing the Gum

Freezing the Gum to remove gum from a shoe

You can remove gum from a shoe by freezing the gum. So follow the following steps step-by-step to do it:

  • Bring your gum-powered shoe and place it in a plastic bag, like a grocery or large food storage bag. It doesn’t matter if the whole shoe fits in the bag; ensure the part with the gum remains pressed against the plastic. Remember, this method is especially effective if the shoe’s sole is not sleek and flat.
  • Squeeze the plastic bag firmly against the sticky glue for a few seconds. Before freezing, you require the gum to cling to the plastic; otherwise, it won’t function well.
  • Put the shoe in the freezer. Create a space in your freezer for the plastic-covered shoe. Unless the shoe is entirely inside a plastic bag, you might wish to put it away from any food to avoid scattering any germs.
  • Refrigerate the shoe for an hour or two. It’ll allow the gum a chance to freeze into the plastic bag. When frozen, keep the shoes and bag out of the freezer.
  • Now separate the shoes from the plastic bag. By keeping your shoe free of glue, the gum should cling to the plastic bag instead of your shoe.

2. Using Ice: how to remove gum from a shoe with ice cubes

Using Ice to remove gum from shoes

Ice is another way to remove gum from a shoe. Below are the steps to accomplish the method.

  • Bring a large plastic bag and fill it with ice cubes. Then, put your shoe on top of the ice cubes, glue-side down. Don’t allow ice cubes to get in or around the shoes because your shoes will get wet.
  • You have to keep the ice cold. To resist it from melting too quickly, utilize a food storage bag so that you zip it up or keep the bag closed.
  • Resolutely squeeze the ice into the gum as long as it freezes. You’ll become capable of removing the gum only when frozen solidly. A little while may be required – so be patient!
  • When frozen, go for scraping the glue off the shoe. Cautiously employ a dull butter or putty knife to scrape the solid, frozen gum from the shoe. Drive the Knife slowly to avoid cutting your shoes or yourself.

3. Applying WD-40

Applying WD-40

Now, we’ll show how to remove gum from a shoe with WD-40. Therefore, look at the steps carefully.

  • Go for spraying the gum with WD-40. Shop for a can of WD-40 (available at the cleaning supply stores or any supermarkets). Then, sprinkle it around your shoes, on the soles, and on the gum. Allow it to sit for at least a minute so the WD-400 can loosen the adhesive bond of the gum.
  • You need to wipe away the gum. So utilize a paper towel, rag, or any cloth to erase the gum from the shoe sole. It should be done effortlessly. If it does not happen, spray and attempt again.
  • Go for cleaning the shoe sole. When the gum is wiped, utilize a paper towel or clean rag to erase the shoes again to remove any excess residue from the spray. Discard the rag or paper towel when it ends.

4. Using Peanut Butter: How to remove gum from a shoe with peanut butter

using Peanut Butter

Using peanut butter is the way how to remove gum from a shoe. Let’s see the steps.

  • Bring on some creamy peanut butter. After that, add a thick layer of creamy peanut butter (about two tablespoons) to the gums and let it sit for 10 minutes.
  • Make a peanut butter scrub. After 10 minutes, take a wire brush to scrub off the peanut butter and the glue. It may need slightly elbow grease, but the gum should go away pretty well. To avoid damaging your shoes, be sure to scour with the grooves of soles instead of against them.
  • Cleanse your shoe. Retain your shoe soles under cold running water and scour with a sponge to wipe away any peanut butter residue.

5. Applying Sand and a Stick

Applying Sand and a Stick

You can use sand and a stick to remove glue from a shoe. So see below how you can accomplish the procedure.

  • Collect some dry sand and a wooden stick. When you stay outside and step on some fresh gum that is still quite soft and flexible, then this method functions well. What you need to do is to collect a wooden stick and some dry sand.
  • Take away your shoes and scatter some sand over the gum. Apply the stick to rub the sand into the glue – it will begin coming away in small chunks.
  • Constantly sprinkle more sand and keep rubbing. Continue as long as the gum gets more or less entirely removed. You may need some time, but quickly working is better than letting the glue dry and harden on your shoes.

6. Dissolving the Gum

Dissolving the Gum

You can also apply it another way to remove gum from a shoe: to dissolve the gum. Now, start reading the method and starting your job.

  • Apply lighter fluid. Wipe the gum with an old cloth or paper towel soaked in some naphtha. The glue should begin to dissolve. Be sure to use naphtha in a well-ventilated area away from any heat sources because naphtha is highly flammable.
  • Employ nail polish remover. You can use acetone-based nail polish to dissolve chewing gum from shoe soles. Wet a paper towel or cloth in the remover and scour the gum as long as it does not disappear. But be careful which type of shoes you are applying this method because acetone might harm the finish on patent or suede shoes.

7. Applying Olive Oil

Applying Olive Oil

Another solution to remove gum from shoes is to use olive oil. See below for steps to use it properly.

  • Scour olive oil on the gums. Overlook getting it straight on the leather or suede on the shoe, or it may create a stain.
  • Let the oil sit for a minute.
  • Scour the oil off with a paper towel.
  • Dispel excess gum with a fine-tipped tool submerged in olive oil.
  • All gum should stop now. Then, dispose of it properly.

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