How To Wear Ankle Boots With Every Dress

How to Wear Ankle Boots

You think of wearing cute ankle boots in the back of your closet with your favorite dress. But you don’t know how to wear ankle boots with different outfits. So now, you can look for and discover the whole world of fashion behind the dress with ankle boots.

What are Ankle Boots?

Ankle Boot

An ankle boot is a boot that covers the entire leg and reaches up to the ankle. You’ll find various styles of ankle boots today, including open or closed toes and more, but several boots even contain flat soles or heels. Ankle boots were launched for women’s fashionable wear in 1804. Since then, these are still equally popular.

Ankle boots were crafted from fragile materials such as silk and satin, even though leather ankle boots were getting more fashionable. In the 1880s, they left out of fashion. From 1825 to the 1870s, the square toe got popular. But men and women preferred the round toe.

Ankle boots were widely manufactured in the 1850s, and various styles extended with embroidery and dyeing fabrics to make different colored boots. Manufacturers even began to utilize elastic to keep the ankle boots upright. Even today, ankle boots have become a popular fashion item, which arrives in various styles.

Ways On How to Wear Ankle Boots

Section One: Selecting the Perfect Boot (How to Wear Ankle Boots)

1) Choosing neutral color boots to wear with more outfits

Choosing neutral color boots to wear them with more outfits

The most popular neutral colors are black and brown. Also, you might attempt nude/tan, gray, and white. Silver and gold are considered ideal and neutral colors for evening appearances.

  • It’s advisable to plan. Overlook blending contrary colors, such as black dresses and white boots. It will “chop” your legs in half and make them very short.

2) Picking boots with a heel if you want your legs to look longer

Picking boots with a heel

The narrower your heels become, the more flashy and sophisticated your dress will seem. If you expect a more dressed-up appearance, a slender and sleek heel will also become ideal.

3) Wearing boots made of matte material for big feet

Wearing Boots Made of Matte Material

Glossy materials make things look big. Matte materials like suede, leather, or canvas make things look smaller.

4) Try a wide cuff to make your legs look slimmer

Try a Wide Cuff Ankle Boot

Ideally, the boot cuff should stretch just past the ankle. You may intend to avoid extra details, such as bulky embellishments or plenty of straps. These will only affix a heap to your boots and, thus, the ankle area.

5) Considering boots with rounded toes and a shorter heel for comfort

Considering boots with rounded toes and a shorter heel

These styles get comfortable compared to high heels and pointed toes, especially after hours of walking. These become ideal for casual and daytime looks.

6) Think boots with pointed toes and a high heel for special occasions

Think boots with pointed toes and a high heel

For these styles, pointed toes and high heels automatically look fancy compared to their casual counterparts. These feature feminine and become excellent for elongating the leg. They become ideal for date nights when you are unwilling to walk a lot.

7. Choosing boots flattering your body shape

Choosing boots flattering your body shape

Considering your body shape, various boot styles will aid your body in balancing. Below are some ideas depending on the four main body types listed:

  • Your hips will be spacious compared to your shoulders if you possess a pear-shaped body. Pick simple ankle boots with heels.
  • If you have an inverted triangle body shape, your shoulders will remain spacious compared to your hips. Attempt a pair of shiny-colored boots. Heavily beautified styles will also go. It’ll offer the delusion of curvier legs.
  • For a rectangle body shape, your waist, hips, and shoulders will remain the same size. Opt for a pair of detailed boots because they’ll offer the illusion of curves.
  • Your widest point will be your waist or torso if you are an apple body shape. Select a pair of shingly-colored or heavily embellished boots. It’ll draw attention away from your waist and offer the illusion of curves.

8) Select boots that flatter your body type and make your legs appear longer

Select boots flattering your body type

As with body type, various boot styles will aid in balancing things like curves, height, or lack of curves. Depending on different height and size combinations, there are some ideas listed in the following:

  • Put on heeled boots that cover the ankle if you have a short and thin body. It’ll aid in making your legs look longer. Also, overlook boots ending at the ankle or below.

9) Choose a pointed-toe boot in the case of being petite and curvy

Choose a pointed-toe boot in the case of being petite and curvy

It’ll elongate your legs and provide a long, sleek look.

  • Avoid the cuff details if you have a long and curvy body. Too much detailing along the cuff will attract too much attention to your calves and make them look fat compared to their actual size. Instead, select plain cuffs.
  • You can move with any style of boot if you have a tall and slender body.

Section Two: Picking the Right Dress (How to Wear Ankle Boots)

1) Think of dresses ending above the knee for the most flattering look

Think of dresses ending above the knee for the most flattering look

Something ending about mid-thigh might be excellent. The shorter your outfit, the longer your legs. A long outfit is not usually suggested for ankle boots because they shorten legs.

  • If you wish to wear long dresses, consider some opaque tights that coincide with your boot colors. Black boots and black tights are the ideal combination. It’ll elongate your legs.

2. Put on long and maxi-length dresses with care

Put on Long and Maxi-Length Dresses with Care

Long outfits are not usually suggested for booties, as they make the legs look too short. You may resolve it by wearing a dress whose hem ends just above the boot. If you wish to put on a maxi-length dress, attempt one with a side slit. Both of these tricks will make your legs look too short or stumpy.

  • Attempt pairing long dresses with cute boots, which contain thin heels and toes. Casual boots, chunky heels, and wide cuffs will make short dresses look better.

3. Think of a simple dress for planning on wearing lots of accessories

Think of a simple dress with accessories

It will let your accessories (like wide belts and layered boho necklaces) shine without cramping your outfit too much. If you wish to keep a pattern on the dress, pair the embellishments like embroidery and beading.

4. Avoid putting on loose, fitted clothes with too-clumsy boots

Avoid putting on loose, fitted clothes

Bulky boots will make you weigh more. Some embellishments, like a simple strap, will not harm your look.

5. Picking a dress based on your body type to elongate your legs

Picking a Dress Based on Your Body Type

Based on which outfit you wear with your booties, you can attract attention from specific areas and indicate it to others. You can follow some tips according to various body types:

  • If you have a petite and slim body, attempt with bubble skirts, rompers, and mini-dresses. To elongate your legs, put on some opaque tights that coincide with your boot colors.
  • Attempt an A-line dress ending just above the knee if you are petite and curvy. Overlook to put on dresses that end below the knee because it’ll look like your legs are short.
  • Pair a long tunic-type dress or a semi-voluminous dress with dark tights if you have a tall and curvy body. Indeed, it’ll aid your legs in looking slim.
  • Combine outfits that end just above the knee if you possess a tall and slim body.

6. Mix boots and dresses carefully

Mix Boots and Dresses

All boot styles don’t match well with all outfits. Contrasting boots and dress styles can turn a boring thing into something more interesting. But the wrong contrast kind can make your outfit clashy and not in a better manner.

For instance, thick and chunky booties will not make a fantastic look with a lace evening dress. Below are some tips to remember while wearing your outfit together:

  • Combine shoes with narrow heels and pointy toes with delicate dresses. Coincide boots with round toes and flat or chunky heels with casual outfits.
  • Choose smooth dresses with boots containing sleek heels. You may go to the forest with the accessories if your dress is simple.
  • Choose cowboy-style boots with a high-waisted outfit for a vintage feel.

Section Three: Creating Different Looks with Accessories(How to Wear Ankle Boots)

1) Include the boot styles into your accessories to match your outfit

Include the Boot Styles into Your Accessories

Jot down any details on your boots, such as beading or studs. Pick accessories matching these details, such as jewelry or belts. If your outfit remains plain, look at your dress style instead.

  • If you put on simple leather boots and a boho-style outfit, attempt to pair them with a wide leather belt, some feather earrings, and a rustic necklace crafted from natural stones.
  • Attempt to add a matching studded leather belt and some silver jewelry if you wear a simple outfit with leather and studded boots.
  • Leather ankle boots, a long necklace, a sleeveless tribal-patterned midi, and a fedora will all be excellent for a boho appearance.

2) Playing around with layering by adding a jacket

Playing around with layering by adding a jacket

A simple matching jacket can make a flirty and girly outfit more formal and business-like. For instance, a fit-and-flare dress with narrow-heeled booties will offer a flirty and feminine look. Incorporating a jacket and belt over the outfit will immediately deliver a more business-like appearance.

3) Mitigate the accessories if heavily embellished boots

Mitigate the Accessories if Heavily Embellished Boots

If your boots already contain a lot of studs, zippers, or straps, you might keep the rest of your outfit looking simple, including your outfit. Instead, attempt a simple scarf, belt, or a pair of earrings. Your entire dress will look too busy if your dress with accessories remains too detailed.

4) Spice up the accessories for simple boots and outfits

Spice up the Accessories for Simple Boots and Outfits

A simple dress and boot somewhat look like a blank canvas. Attempt to add a statement necklace and some long earrings. You can also go with bags, belts, and other accessories like hats or scarves. But attempt not to use overloading with your accessories. Your dress can look too cluttered if you affix too many.

5) Attempt some patterned tights if your simple dress and boots

Attempt some patterned tights

Black booties and tights are excellent for elongating your legs’ look, but they won’t make your outfit too attractive. Patterned tights will make them captivating. But ensure your patterned tights somehow coincide with your dress.

For instance, if your dress contains roses, attempt lace tights with a rose design. If your boot cuffs have a chevron print, try tight with a chevron weave.

6) Affix a belt to make your waist slimmer

Affix a Belt to Look Your Waist Slimmer

For a more boho appearance, attempt a wide, leather belt over a flowy dress crafted from cotton or linen. For a more flashy appearance, try a thin belt over a plain sheath outfit with narrow-heeled boots.

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